Why YouTube is the best guitar learning tool EVER…

We are living in a fantastic time period! With web 2.0 we can find anything our heart’s desire at the click of a button. We can schedule a flight around the world, find unbiased reviews about the latest gadget, do all out Christmas shopping, or even find a girlfriend, all on the internet (though I don’t recommend it, trust me).

Just as little as 5 years ago, if you were trying to learn the guitar, you would probably have to:

-Pay $50 an hour to have private lessons

-Buy an endless number of guitar books

-Pester your guitar playing friend to death to teach you

-Spend hours and hours listen to a CD (yes a CD!) breaking down songs you liked so you could play them

Today, my friends, you don’t have to do any of this to learn to play guitar. Honestly you don’t have to spend a dime to learn to play (besides buying the guitar) if you truly didn’t want to (though there are some great products out there that I have used to accelerate my learning that I’ll tell you about later). Today, we have YouTube!

YouTube is a huge time-saver and knowledge base for you. Here’s some reasons why:

-There are thousands of guitar instructional videos on literally anything you can ever want to know about playing the guitar

-You can post videos of your playing and get (mostly) honest feedback about your playing

-You can look up any artist and see EXACTLY how his/her song is played

-You can look up people doing covers of songs you want to learn to play and ask them questions about how to play the song (I’ve found most people to be very hospitable and friendly on helping me out with my questions)

-You can get ideas for your own songs from videos (Chord progressions, rhythmic patterns, lyrics, etc)

-You can watch concert videos

-Finally, you can see people that are worse at playing and singing than you are (yes, I promise there is someone worse than you, no matter what you think!)

Is that not amazing! The possibilities are truly endless. All you have to do is put in the time and keep at it and you will be playing your favorite songs in no time. Now my job is to help you find worthwhile videos (not all of them are good let me tell you), show you how to play some of the songs I have learned, hook you up with tabs, and tell you what stuff has worked for me and what hasn’t. I’ll do my end, now you keep up yours! It’s a great time to be learning guitar…

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One Comment on “Why YouTube is the best guitar learning tool EVER…”

  1. Tom Says:

    Where do I find the first lesson? Thanks

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