Beginner’s Lesson – 7 (Minor Scale)

With the blues scale and finger picking basics behind us, it is time to learn another scale shape. The minor scale. It’s just a little bit more complicated than the blues scale, but not too bad. Just watch the video and you’ll get it quickly. Remember to practice! 🙂

HUGE HINT — I wish someone had told me this when I had started playing, but when you learn a scale pattern, you can use than same pattern all over the fretboard to play in different “keys.” So if you are playing with someone and they say, “Let’s jam in G minor,” you can play the same A minor pentatonic scale you will learn in the video and move it down two frets to the G. (E string, 3rd fret) Now you are playing the G minor scale!

This is the same for the blues scale, major scale, pentatonic scale, etc. That’s pretty cool huh? Hope that helps. Now without further ado…the next lesson…

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