Riff Master Pro Review

Ok so one of my goals is to be able to play a really sick guitar solo.  I remember when I went to the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert and was blown away by John’s solo playing and I just knew I wanted to be able to do that. Well, it isn’t as easy as he makes he look!! 🙂 But I’m well on my way and I thought I would share with you a product that really helps if you are trying to learn to solo too. It’s called Riff Master Pro and it basically takes all the badass solos that are ingrained in all our heads (Hendrix, Clapton, Page, etc) and slows them down to where us average folks can really grasp it and learn to play it. It is a super easy program and it saved me a ton of time and money from having to go out and buy all the tab books and sit down and decipher those. Believe me, that makes you want to smash your guitar right there!!  Anyways, here’s a link to it if you want to check it out. Either way, keep playing!!! 🙂 

Riff Master Pro

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2 Comments on “Riff Master Pro Review”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    What’s up Lee? I found your site off youtube and just wanted to let you know that I too have this product and I really like it! That’s cool you put it up here. Your site has helped me alot man. I appreciate it. Keep it Up!!


  2. Carlanga Says:

    Hi Guys,
    Riff Master pro is pretty good and I almost bought it but I friend of mine suggested i tried mTrax from http://www.terrasofta.com. I did … Wow! it’s like iTunes on steroids!
    I don’t have to load my songs one by one every time, mTrax found my music folder automatically! And I dont have to save loops on files, mtrax remembers what loops ( they call them sections) I created, so they are always availables. I can even create multiple sections for one songs (i.e. intro, solo 1, sol2, break 1, break 2, outro, you name it), each with their own eq settings saved individually. Also I can choose to loop 50 times from half the original song speed to a quarter of the original speed, without changing the pitch of course; so it’s great to learn a hard part and build speed at the same time. And there’s more… I can practice all the songs part in my list without to load and reload anything, it’s automatic! There’s a lot more but I gotta go. Do check it out. Its called mTrax and you can download it at http://www.terrasofta.com.
    oh one more thing, it’s cheaper too. Sweeeeet!
    Big Carlos

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