YouTube Guitar

Welcome guitar players and music lovers! My name is Lee Burrell and this is my little blog. Nothing special, nothing flashy…it’s just me. As you can probably tell by my YouTube name, BenWannaBee, I am pretty obsessed with Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals. I’ve seen him play, met him, talked with him, hugged him, and emulated him. He inspired my to pick up a guitar and wail away. Anyways, I have played guitar for going on two years now and I remember how hard and frustrating it was to get going and not get discouraged. Getting in tune, reading tabs, playing, singing (or trying to) were seemingly impossible. But eventually I did and so can you. I am going to post instruction videos, tabs, my guitar playing and singing, and review some of the products that helped me learn guitar. So go grab your guitar and sit back and let music pour from your soul.


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