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Have Any Suggestions?

March 5, 2008

Hey Guys,

I appreciate all of ya’ll that have checked out my little site here and I hope you have learned something from it. I just wanted to see if there was anything YOU wanted me to post. Maybe a certain song you wanted to learn how to play, what you thought about a lesson, or a question you had about learning to play the guitar?

To help you get going I’ll even throw in a freebie for you!! If you ask a question, request a song, leave a comment (positive preferably :)) I’ll send you a totally FREE Ultimate Beginner’s Guitar Learning Ebook! That’s right, totally free! All you have to do is let me know the email address where you want me to send the ebook and leave a comment and that’s it!

Ok everyone, it’s time for me to go practice a little. 🙂